XG ARQUITECTURA began its activity in 2003 under the name of MG Arquitectes, with Xavier Gracia Quílez and Imanol Montero Viar being the founding partners. In 2014 Xavier Gracia continued the office with the name of XG-Arquitectura.


We work in most of the fields of architecture, highlighting our works in the education sector, both public and private: universities, schools and institutes, We have also designed public and private developer housing, landscape and lately the sector of the rehabilitation, especially of singular facades, has entered our office with force. We carry out consultancies and collaborations in the direction of the cosntructions of other architects. Since 2018 we have developed projects in Gabon and Rwuanda in collaboration with local firms


The study team collaborates with other external specialists to achieve the highest quality in all the technologies involved in architecture, forming a cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary team. We approach all projects taking into account the terms of functionality, economy, flexibility, energy efficiency, maintenance, and all the commitment to sustainability and architectural quality. Our involvement in project management both from the point of view of project monitoring and budget control, identifies us